Welcome to my website. Please feel free to browse my art and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a commission.


I will be exhibiting a selection of abstract works alongside two other fantastic artists Dahlia Westmoreland and Danielle Wright.

Marissa’s new body of work has reawakened her love of colour and abstracted forms.

Having started to use coloured pencils during lockdown, Marissa continued her exploration into geometric shapes with intermingled abstracted lettering, as well as experimenting with bold colours and the relationships they have with each other.

For ‘A Little to the Left’, Marissa’s work concentrates on the arrangement of painted coloured squares and geometric forms, focusing on how they sit next to each on the canvas.

Through a meditative process of exploration, adding square after square, vibrant colours next to muted, light against dark, Marissa contemplates what works and what doesn’t, instinctively composing the greater form while deciding what to include, and where to leave space. For her, sometimes what is most interesting is what is left unpainted. Each artwork is a journey, starting with loosely drawn pencil lines, filling them in one by one, until a harmony or discord of colour emerges.

A selection of her drawings will also be available to view as the inspiration behind her new line of work in acrylic paint.