About me

Marissa grew up in the highlands of Scotland, but in 1998 migrated to London to study Contemporary Dance at the Laban Centre. With a strong interest in the creative arts, Marissa’s career took a change of direction however and in 2007 she graduated with a first class honours degree in Fine Art. Since then she has sold to clients and exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Marissa’s work has always had a strong connection to the nature of her surroundings and her recognisable atmospheric oil paintings are directly inspired by her love of photography.

Now living in Rochester, Marissa’s paintings embody influences of Medway’s rich history and ongoing regeneration through images of industrial architecture, natural and urban landscapes and cultural events. 

Her paintings are known for subtly blurred tones and monochrome colours, capturing the mood and sometimes unnoticed viewpoints of a particular scene.  However in recent years, Marissa has embraced the wonders of colour and experimented with different forms of abstraction.  Although her work is presented from a personal perspective, viewers are drawn in by the intimacy of her images and engender feelings of quiet introspection.

As well as continuing to create new work for exhibitions, Marissa now leads her own workshops and tutors people in painting and drawing. If you would like to see Marissa demonstrating her techniques, you can watch a 30 minute documentary by filmmaker Matt Smith on her website marissamardon.com.  

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